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13 September 2017

The Xporter for JIRA team proudly announces the release of Xporter 5.3.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

Highlights for this release

QR Code Function

A new function was added in this version: QR Code. With QR Code function you can create your QR Codes easily without using external systems.



PDF/A Format

This version allows you to export documents in PDF/A format. This format is specialized in long-term preservation of the documents.



Parameters on Xporter for JIRA API

If you use Xporter for JIRA API, you can now add parameter on the request and use those parameters on your Templates.



JSD Internal Comments

In this version, you can export the comments from JIRA Service Desk, filtered by their Internal or Public value. This is useful to avoid JSD customer seeing internal comments when Xporter is available to JSD customers.



Global Settings

In the Xporter Global Settings you can enable/disable

  • Xporter for JIRA option on the Export Menu (Issue Detail level and Issue Navigator level)
  • XLSX (Current Fields) option on the Export Menu (Issue Navigator level).



Image Loader on Excel

Excel templates can now use Image Loader like Word templates.

!{Image URL}



Create and export Templates in a new format: TXT

In this version we are introducing a new file format that you can use both to create template and export to, the text file (TXT).

You can, for example, create a TXT file with HTML content and Xporter syntax inside. This will help you create totally custom HTML pages with JIRA info inside it.



Export Issues in CSV

Xporter for JIRA allows users to export CSV templates. As you know, CSV is simple to implement and parse and it's processed by many software applications. Furthermore, it provides a straightforward information schema and it's smaller in size.

CSV extension files can be used on every action of the Xporter for JIRA.

  • Single Issue
  • Multiple Issue
  • Schedule Reports
  • Post functions



New Features and Bug Fixes

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