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Cannot create a chart in a sheet populated by exported data from a different sheet.


1. Create a simple table with column titles to export your data

2. Create a named formula for each column in your table. This formula will have the following syntax:


This formula will create a zone/range that will represent the column with all the exported data.

    * DATA!$A$1 -> This represents the starting cell: we'll start on the column title (Sheet 'DATA', Cell A1: 'Key', in this example)

    * 1 -> The vertical offset of the zone/range based on the starting cell (start one cell below that one)

    * 0 -> The horizontal offset of the zone/range based on starting cell (we want to stay in the same column)

    * COUNTA(DATA!$A:$A)-1 -> This will count all cells with values on sheet 'DATA' and Column A (subtract one to remove the 'Key' title), defining the zone/range with all the rows exported

    * 1 -> Number of columns to define the zone/range (we only want the column we're on)

3. Create a chart on a different sheet and "Select Data"

    * Add a new Series for each column you want to visualize in your chart:

        ** Series name: ="Estimated"

        ** Series values: =DATA!Estimated (sheet with data exported + name defined of the named formula)

        ** Series name: ="Spent"

        ** Series values: =DATA!Spent

    * Add a Horizontal (Category)

        ** =DATA!Keys

4. Save, upload to Xporter for Jira, and then export issues with data.

Jira Reference: