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You are on the Xporter Server documentation. If you are looking for Xporter Cloud documentation, you can find it in this page.

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Xporter for Jira supports a migration path using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant for users who desire to move from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

Before continue, please check the differences from the Server to Cloud versions regarding features and integrations as well.

Migration Steps

  • Install the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant app;
  • Install the Xporter for Jira Cloud on your Jira Cloud instance;
  • Navigate to Migration Assistant home and complete the form "Assess and Install Apps";
  • Create a new migration by clicking on "Create new migration" inside "Manage your Migration";
  • Complete the wizard and the Xporter data will be migrated as mentioned below.

Full vs Partial Migration

With the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant it's possible to perform two different types of migrations:

  • Users and groups only;
  • Projects, users and groups;

During the first migration (with or without projects), the following entities from Jira Administration will be migrated:

  • Global Settings
  • Templates
  • Permission Schemes (the ones without projects associated)
  • File Servers

When one or more projects are selected for migration, the following entities will be migrated for each project:

  • Jira Administration Project Settings
  • Jira Administration Permission Schemes
  • Project Settings Templates
  • Project Settings Permission Schemes

Workflow Post-Functions Migration 

Workflow Post function Migration is only supported by Xporter 6.8.0

  • If it is not the first migration, all the post functions that are migrated will have to be edited to update the template and file server if you are using it.
  • If you have any of the actions to send an email and in the fields To, Cc and Bcc there is the name of a user or a group, this data is not supported by Xporter Cloud.
  • If the action is Save on Jira host, this action will be deleted and if it is unique post action, the post function will also be deleted.
  • Server Post functions can have project Templates, but in the Cloud that is not possible, which means that every Post function with Templates at the project level, will be migrated without a template.

Important Notes

  • Templates for the Xray integration can be different from the Server. Please, setup the integration and validate your templates;
  • Workflow Post-Functions can only be migrated with Xporter 6.8.0;
  • The Xporter templates that are using ids from Jira entities like issues and projects must be validated. During the migration, those ids can be changed and the template needs to be updated manually.
  • Some integrations need configurations. Please see the documentation to get them working as expected.

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