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May 2019

Xpand IT is proud to announce the release of Xporter 6.0

Xporter 6 introduces Templates, Scheduled Reports and Permission Schemes management on the project level. Xporter is now available on Agile boards, Jira Service Desk Queues (Agent view) and My Request (customer portal).

Discover the key features below (wink)

Compatibility Notes

End of Support

Xporter won't be compatible with Jira versions prior to 7.2.x.

Upgrade Notes

Workflow Post Functions Migration

The Xporter post functions Create Document and Send Report were marked as deprecated on version 5.5. If you are still using these post functions, we highly recommend you migrate them to Xporter Multi-action post function. We have a page describing all the steps that you can take to migrate. Please take a look here.

Rollback to Xporter 5.x.x

Rollback to Xporter 5.x.x might have a big impact on your Jira instance. We strongly advise you not to do it.

This is because we changed database rules like:

  • Templates can have the same name and filename.
  • Scheduled reports can have the same name.
  • Permission schemes can have the same name.

These rules did not apply in previous versions when the fields were unique. If rollback happens, it can generate a Database error stopping Xporter from working.

Furthermore, when the user returns to Xporter 6.0.0 the migration tasks won't run again and all the data created on Xporter 5.x.x won't be correctly read on Xporter 6.0.0.


Exporting Issue History

Xporter allows you to export all issue history. From now on, users will be able to iterate over all changes and all fields changed, including old and new values.

Improvements on Templates Configuration

The configuration related to output formats, default output format and break page type is now configured on the template level.

Important Note

All configuration about Output formats, default output format and default page break type on Global Setting will disappear with this version.

Xporter configuration on project level

Xporter configuration is now available on the project level. Project Administrators are now able to manage Templates, Schedule Reports and Permission Schemes on the project level.

Improvements on Scheduled Reports

Xporter added a new mode of defining the time basis of scheduled reports. "Basic" mode, aims to help non-technical users define the time basis of scheduled reports. Technical users can continue using the "Advanced" mode. Both modes are available to use in Xporter 6.0. 

Improvements in Insight Integration

With this new version of Xporter, all new Insight Custom Fields are processed correctly. Some changes were done in order to improve the app integration.

Agile Boards Integration

Project managers are now able to create reports directly from Agile boards. Xporter option is now available on Scrum and Kanban boards. With this new feature, users don't need to search for issues when they want to export issues related to the Active Sprint, Future Sprints or even Backlog. Xporter option is also available on Releases screen (List of releases) and Release details screen.

Exporting requests from Queues - Jira Service Desk

Xporter 6 provides a way to export all issues which belong to a Queue. With this feature, agents or even managers do not need to search for requests on issue navigator, instead, they can export requests directly from the JIRA Service Desk Queue screen.

Exporting My Requests - Jira Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk Customers are now able to get all of their requests printed on documents. Xporter option is now available on the My Requests screen. Template management is made by Jira Administrators and/or project administrators.

New Features and Bug Fixes in this release

T Key Summary Status Resolution

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