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Xporter for Jira Cloud allows you to export all the information available on the Smart Checklist for Jira. Enterprise and Smart Checklist for Jira. Free apps.


This integration provides a set of global mappings, being able to get an overview of the Smart Checklist.



The raw markdown value.


The number of lines on the Smart Checklist.


The progress of the Smart Checklist, percentage of items marked as done.


The number of Smart Checklist items completed.


The number of Smart Checklist items not complete.


The number of Smart Checklist items.
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Raw markdown: ${SmartChecklist}
Number of lines in the Smart Checklist: ${SmartChecklistCount}
Progress: ${SmartChecklist.Progress}%
Number of items completed: ${SmartChecklist.CheckedCount}
Number of items not completed: ${SmartChecklist.UncheckedCount}
Number of items in the Smart Checklist: ${SmartChecklist.ItemCount}

Also, it's possible to get more details by iterating over all the lines of the Smart Checklist.

Smart Checklist FieldDescription
LabelThe label available on each line of the Smart Checklist.
StatusThe status of the item can have one of the following values: Todo, Skipped, In Progress or Done.
CheckedTrue if the Smart Checklist Item is completed.
IsItemTrue if the Smart Checklist object is an Item.
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#{for SmartChecklist}
#{for <VariableName>=FieldNameCount}
   Content and Issue Mappings. Example: ${FieldName[VariableName].Field}


Let's use this integration to export data from Smart Checklist.

The result of the following template:

In order to get the same result on your generated document, check the template used:


This integration gives the ability to customize the way how the Smart Checklist is displayed. 

You can define in your template which type of data you want to export:

  • Use your own checkbox;
  • Export only the checkable items;
  • Export all the information, with checkable and non-checkable values;
  • No labels