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You are on the Xporter Server documentation. If you are looking for Xporter Cloud documentation, you can find it in this page.

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The Export section lists and explains all the exports available on Xporter. 

Furthermore, for each topic of this section, there is a detailed explanation (step by step) about how to perform the current exports.

There are two kinds of exporting: manual and automated. See below all of the available exports, grouped by type.

Based on the installed Apps and the configuration defined on your Jira instance, the Xporter option may not be available.

For example:
Xporter is only available for Jira Service Desk if you have the Jira Service Desk installed in your Jira and if you have the Xporter option enabled on the Integration page (Administration Section).
Feel free to check our integration documentation between Xporter and Jira Service Desk.

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